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Is a heat press a good investment?

heat press machine 8 in 1

Regarding whether a heat press machine is a good investment, you first need to know whether you want to invest in a machine or buy a machine and go back and make products yourself.

If you want to invest in machines, the cost will naturally be higher, but it will not cost tens of thousands of dollars like a large machine. In the early stage, you can buy 5-10 heat press machines, and then according the local selling price difference, assuming that the price of a machine is 100~200 US dollars, it can be doubled at least if it is sold locally (but the premise is to do a good job of market research, and if there are imports and exports, you have to include your local customs duties, plus the money you want to earn, these add up to the sales price of your machine), after you have a stable source of customers, you can start to consider purchasing more machines, and then make your own brand, of course, at this point, It is time to start thinking about machine inventory and other issues. Having stable heat press suppliers who can help you with after-sales issues is the most important thing.

After talking about the machine, let’s talk about the product, because there are many types of heat press machines, if you don’t know what product you want to start with, then it is recommended to buy a multifunction heat press machine, The best-selling combination machine by Mecolour factory is 8 in 1. If you have enough funds in doing business, try all the products, and see what products sell the best is the local (in the initial stage, it usually starts with T-shirts, cups, kettles, puzzles, etc.), after confirming your products, you can purchase more machines in a targeted manner to increase your production. If you sell sublimation blanks consumables products, you need more than just the heat press machine, you also need to purchase sublimation paper, printer and ink, all of which can be used for sublimation. The initial investment is about 2,000 US dollars to buy a complete set of equipment. As for the return, it depends on your own sales. In terms of cost performance, the return on this investment is very high. Assuming that the purchase price of a cup is 0.33~0.46USD, the finished product will be sold at least 2USD.

heat press machine factory

heat press machine factory

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