What is the MOQ for sublimation mugs?

Usually our MOQ is 50 boxes for mugs.

Whether the machine can be customized the color or logo?

Yes, we can customize color and logo for you. Usually MOQ is 50 to 100 sets.

Do you supply samples for mugs?

Yes, we can supply several pcs free samples for mugs but you need pay the shipping cost.

What kind of package you provide for mugs?

Our regular packing is egg grid. Also we can supply white box packing for each mug.

Can we print logo on the bottom of the mug?
Yes. If you want your logo printed on the bottom of the mugs, Usually our MOQ is 300 cartons.
What other mugs you have besides white mug?

We have many different types mugs like ceramic, glass, aluminum and stainless steel mugs.

How long will delivery take?

Depending on the port, the arrival time is also different, generally about 1-2 months by sea, 7-15 days by air.

Can I change or cancel my order?

If you place order on online, please let us know in time, and we will send the revised order to you for confirmation. After the confirmation is complete, you can continue to execute the order.
If it is an offline transaction, please let us know shortly after placing the order, so that we have time to change it. The same is true for canceling the order. We will refund your prepayment, but the handling fee will be deducted.


What should I do if I receive a damaged or wrong product?

You can first tell us the problem machine and model through video. After our technical judgment, if the responsibility is on our side, we can negotiate whether to refund or give you a discount for future orders as compensation.

Do you have after-sales service of the machine?

We will have special technician to supply technical support. The warranty time of machine is 1 year.

How are your machines connected?

For machines that use plugs, as long as the voltage is correct to plug in;
For machines without plugs, it is necessary to connect the wires to the electric box. It is recommended to find a professional electrician.

Can you provide machine parts?

If you are buying a new machine and have additional requirements, you can tell us the accessories you need, and we can add them to the order;
If you want to get some free accessories after purchasing a large batch of machines, then according to the size of your order, we can properly negotiate to give away some accessories;
If you need to replace the parts after the machine is damaged, you need to provide the damaged video of the machine and the model of the machine. After the judgment of our technicians, send the damaged parts back, and then send the replacement parts.

Is there a detailed instruction manual and machine parameters?

We have detailed machine parameters and instructions, but in order to make it more convenient for you to use, you can directly ask online for some information you want to know and precautions for use.