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How to evaluate the performance of inkjet light heat transfer paper

Inkjet Light Heat Transfer Paper

The main evaluation indexes of inkjet light heat transfer paper are printing quality, transfer rate, colour fastness to washing and hand feel.

1. Printing Quality

Generally speaking, we characterize the Printing quality of the paper by the levels of color density and the quality of color images. to check the printing results by eyes. If the images printed are vivid and performance well in details and no obvious chromatic aberrations, then we may characterize this as good printing quality.

2. Transfer Rate

The higher the transfer rate is, the better performances this paper owns.

3. Colour fastness to washing

We need to have the fabric washed 24 hours later after images transferred, which is a useful method to test the color fastness to washing. You may wash the fabric in the water, hand washing or with machine and then leave it natural drying. You may check the color of image, if it is as vivid as transferred, then the paper might be good enough.

4. Hand feel

As we all know, Inkjet light heat transfer paper might differs from sublimation transfer paper in the way of hand feel, sublimation transfer usually touch soft and smooth after transferred, while the inkjet light heat transfer paper might performs less smooth. So we can test the quality by touch the surface of fabric and feel it, if the transfer part touches soft, we can characterize the paper as a good one.

Actually we may test the performance of inkjet dark heat transfer paper with the same methods and different papers may be suitable for different fabrics. So when you are trying to DIY a nice designed T-shirt, the choose of paper should come first.

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