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What is a good heat press machine for beginners?


What is a good heat press machine? The most expensive ones? The most durable ones? Or cheap ones?

I have always felt that there is no such thing as the best; it just depends on whether it is the most suitable for you. No matter how good a thing is, if it is not suitable for you, it is useless, especially at the beginning. The tools suitable for you can make you do more with less, so what I’m going to say next is just the most suitable heat press machine for several situations, not the best, because everyone has different standards for good or bad thing.

In our industry, the most commonly used machines are nothing more than two types: mug printing and clothing printing. These two types of machines can be said to have the largest bases and the most types, but different machines are suitable for different products.

Because there are too many products in the heat transfer industry and the machines used are also varied, let’s talk about those customers who want to start with printing cups, because sublimate on mugs can be said to be the stepping stone in the thermal transfer industry. If you don’t know where to start, the cup is the most popular choice because people always need to drink water.

Cups have different shapes, so the choice of the machine is largely determined by the shape and quantity of your cups. They are divided into the following categories based on their choice of coasters: 1.5 OZ, 3 OZ, 10 OZ, 11 OZ, 12 OZ cone, 17 OZ cone, 20 OZ, 30 OZ, It is not recommended to use a mug press machine if the mug is very large.Now, according to your mug type, choose coasters of different sizes. 1.5 OZ and 3 OZ are generally suitable for small wine glasses; 10OZ is often used for sports water bottles; 11 OZ white ceramic mug is the most commonly used; 12 OZ cone and 17 OZ cone can only be used for these two special sizes of cups; 20 OZ and 30 OZ ranges are relatively wide (except for several special sizes that cannot be used); they can print 10 OZ, 11 OZ, 15 OZ, and their own size cups. In the United States, 20-ounce and 30 OZ tumblers are the more popular in the market.



How to choose the mug press machine that suits you?

And according to the number of cups to be printed every day, with an example for 11 oz.

If the number of prints per day is less than 100, an ordinary single mug press machine can meet the requirements.

If the quantity is greater than 100–500, it is recommended to use a double station, which can print two at the same time.

If the quantity is greater than 500–1000 cups, then it is necessary to use multiple roasting cup machines to work at the same time.

As for batch customers with more quantity, they need to use big tunnel ovens, but generally, these types of ovens are large in size and high in power, and not everyone can meet the requirements for use. I’ll place a brief advertisement here.If you are interested, you can visit our website at We have a small tunnel oven that can meet the needs of batch printing.

In the end, the machine you choose will be different according to your design. If the pattern is only in the middle and does not involve the mouth and bottom of the cup, the ordinary mug press machine can meet the requirements, but if you want to print the full width, then the best way is to use heat shrink film with the oven.



That’s all, I just briefly talked about our heat press machine today. If you want to learn more about thermal transfer printing, you can visit our website or cantact us at any time.

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