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Can You Use a Mug Press for Tumblers

sublimation stainless steel tumblers

When it comes to DIY customization, what is the most popular with most people are mugs and tumblers. Besides ceramic/glass mugs, stainless steel tumblers are also favored by most people. This kind of tumblers can be as a featured gift. The material of it is usually double wall stainless steel. It can keep cold or hot drinks. For the customization of tumblers, there are also several ways. You can use both mug press and industrial oven to transfer it.

For the sublimation stainless steel tumbler, you can use sublimation paper to transfer it. For the machine, mug press and industrial oven can be used too. The operation is nearly same as the way of white ceramic mug. You need to prepare a sublimation tumblers, sublimation paper, sublimation printer with sublimation ink, mug press machine.



Firstly, you need to print your design on the sublimation paper and then print it with sublimation printer. And you can use heat resistant tape to stick the paper on the tumbler, then put it into the mug press machine. Or you can wrap the tumblers tightly with heat shrink film and then put it into an industrial oven. Remember to set proper temperature and time to make sure good transfer effect.

For the tumblers without sublimation coating, you can use other ways to transfer like water transfer, screen printing, uv printing, laser uncoated paper and so on. For example, you can use laser uncoated heat transfer paper to transfer it. This paper is especially for uncoated items. You need to print this paper with OKI or HP laser printer, and then transfer it with mug press machine. This method is good too but the cost of laser uncoated heat transfer paper is higher than sublimation paper. So when you choose the tumblers, you can order sublimation coated tumblers.

We MECOLOUR.COM can supply almost everything you need for customization. We provide sublimation tumblers, sublimation paper, sublimation printer and ink, laser uncoated heat transfer paper, mug press machine and industrial oven. For the sublimation tumblers, we also have many different types like white sublimation tumbler, luminous tumblers, temperature changing tumblers and so on. We have different sizes like 20 oz sublimation tumbler, 30 oz tumbler, 15oz tumbler and so on.

20-oz-stainless steel-tumblers

20-oz-stainless steel-tumblers

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