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How long do you sublimate a ceramic mug?


Some customers often ask me what are your transfer parameters and how long does it take to sublimate a mug. This question is actually a bit general. The parameters we usually say are based on the premise that you use the products are all the sublimation mugs by Mecolour factory. Including printers, heat press machinesublimation paper, sublimation ink,and other accessories related, so that you can operate according to the parameters we give, and usually the success will be relatively high. Of course, this will also be related to personal hands-on ability, after all, Some people will inevitably make mistakes during the operation, so we will say that things like DIY are the more you do it will be better.

To sublimate a ceramic mug, there are two types of mug press machine, one machine that require stepwise heating and the other that do not require stepwise heating.

Both of the two mug presses have different operations and parameters:

The first type of heating: you can choose our EA-11 oz mug press or the orange mug press. When transferring the mug, you need to set the starting temperature and the starting transfer temperature, and then the setting time, usually about 45~60S, and the starting temperature can be from around 90~140°C,It starts at any value. The set of starting transfer temperature is usually 180°C. When the cup heats up to the starting temperature, it will start a sound reminder. At this time, you need to put the cup in. If you don’t put it in, the temperature will not continues to rise, after putting it in, wait for the temperature to rise to the starting transfer temperature, and the countdown will start. After the countdown is over, the cup can be taken out. This is the usual operation steps. about 6 minutes, although slower, but this is the least damage to the mug heating pad.

mug-press-sublimate color mugs

mug-press-sublimate color mugs

The second type of heating: There is no need for staged settings, it is a kind of touch-screen mug press machine. 20 OZ tumbler heat press is our best-selling machine, we have 5 colors for you to choose from, of course , you can also customize the color you want. Usually, the temperature is 180°C and the time is 180~200S. Only need to wait for the temperature to rise to the set temperature, and you can put it in after the sound reminds.If you put the cup in and there is no countdown at first, don’t panic, it’s normal, because the cup you just put in is cold, and the mug heating pad is hot, causing a temperature difference, just wait for the temperature to warm up to the set temperature again, The machine will automatically start the countdown, and then just like the above, you can take out the cup after waiting for the end of the timer. Although this time is only about 3 minutes according to the setting, after all, the production always works at the highest temperature, which will also damage the lifespan of the mug heating pad more or less.

Of course, as I said before, what we give is only reference parameters and just for ceramic mugs, and the actual temperature of different mug heating pads of the machine is sometimes different, so it is usually recommended to use a temperature measuring gun to test whether the actual transfer temperature reaches our reference value. Temperature and humidity will also affect the transfer, so it is recommended to work in a constant temperature environment.

mug-press-print mug with spoon

mug-press-print mug with spoon

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