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What is the Best Heat Press Machine for Home Use?

multifunction heat press machine

Nowadays, handmade customization is becoming more and more popular. Everyone is happy to make some handmade DIY products in their leisure time, such as T-shirts, mugs, pens, hats, plates, etc., as gifts for family, friends, lovers, etc., so that the gifts are both creative and thoughtful. So it is necessary to have a complete set of customized equipment.

The thermal transfer method is also popular due to its simplicity. When it comes to heat press machines, there are many types on the market, there are individual heat press machines, combined machines, and of course large heat press, but if it is used for personal home customization, a small heat press machine is enough.

Here, we recommend the multifunction heat press machine, so that you can complete the transfer of different types of products with only one machine. multifunction heat press machines on the market generally include these accessories: a large heat press plate with a size of 29*38/33*44cm, used for printing clothes or fabrics, etc.; cup mats with a size of 10/11/12/17oz, it can be used to print mugs of different sizes, and it can also be printed on cone-shaped cups; logo mats such as 15*15cm, which are used to print small handbags, etc.; cap mats used to print hats; pen mats which can print 6 pens at one time. These accessories include most of the product types that people customize and the replacement of accessories is simple.

Here, we recommend our Mecolour red 8-in-1 combination heat press machine, which has a brand-new frosted red appearance design. For the heat press plate, we use aluminum material and Teflon coating which is not easy to deform and can ensure uniformity heat generation and the size is generally 29*38/33/44cm, of course, 33*44cm is recommended, because it can print in A3 size. There is also one small heat press with 15*15cm size for transferring logo. And the cup mats we choose are the sizes that most people use frequently. There are 10/11/12oz with a separate baking cup holde which can print ceramic sublimation mug. cap mats, plate mats and pen mats. Pen press is also very useful, the materials we use are very good, so the machine quality is very good and also very easy to replace accessories, which is very suitable for home use. We are also heat press factory and the price we supply is wholesale price.

heat press machines application

heat press machines application

In addition to the machine, we also provide sublimation paper, transfer paper and other supporting consumables, as well as heat transfer products such as cups. We can provide you with one-stop service. If you are interested, welcome to send us inquiry!