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How do you know if a mug is good for sublimation?

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First of all, to compare the quality of mugs, we must put aside the market and price, because the quality of cups in different markets is inherently different, so in this comparison, the best cup is not equal to the most suitable mug for sublimation. Many customers will always say that they want AAA cups, but although both the British market and the Indian market are called AAA cups, this is just a name and has nothing to do with the grade of the cup.

Now we divide the cup into the original mug and the coating. From these two points, we can compare the so-called “good” mug,let’s take white sublimation mugs as an example. The original cup can be seen in the following ways:.

1. Flatness: This directly affects the success rate of mug transfer. If the cup is not straight, part of the color on the cup will not be printed or the color will become lighter, resulting in transfer failure. Place the mug on a level surface and press firmly to see if the mug vibrates; if so, the mug is not straight enough. Of course, there is a way to print mugs that are not straight. The easiest way is to use heat shrinkable film. I will talk about this later.sublimation mugs-bake

2. The color of the mug: This part depends on the material of the mug. Simply put, it is the color of the soil. The color of the soil has less impurity and is lighter, so the color of the original cup will be whiter. If there is more loess, the baked cup will be a dark yellow color.

3. Defect rate: Strictly speaking, this part is unavoidable. We call the scratches, black spots, white spots, or small grooves on the cups defects, and the so-called defect rate means different grades. The number of cups in this category is different. The defect rate of AAA and AA cups is usually 10%, while the defect rate of AB grades is 30%. Simply put, it is 10 out of 100 cups of AAA and AA grades. The above temperature will exist on the left and right, and the AB is about 30. Of course, this is also related to the selection of workers. If the customer requires it, we can also add a few more processes, but the cost of the corresponding cup will also increase.

4. The coating: The most simple difference between the quality of the coating is whether it can be cleaned in a dishwasher, and the number of times that coatings of different grades can be washed will also be different. Simply put, it is AAA>AA>AB. You can directly understand the difference, but it does not mean that every household has a dishwasher, and the number of times it is washed is not so much. Therefore, as a dealer, the most important thing is to investigate the market and understand what kind of mug is right for you sell.

sublimation mugs-coating

sublimation mugs-coating

To sum up, these are relatively simple aspects. Of course, there are more in-depth discussions, such as the shape of the handle, the thickness of the cup wall, and the size of the cup shape, and if the coating is not good, the cup also will be yellow after baking.

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