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Can you sublimate on any ceramic mug?

sublimation white mugs

First of all, I want to say the result. The answer is definitely no. The blank mugs that can be sublimate must be all cups with sublimation coating. Of course, there will be a small part that are coated with a slight protective layer, so they can also be transferred. However, the effect of transfer printing is generally not better than that of special sublimation coatings.

Here, some people must be curious about what is “sublimation coating”. In order to understand this, first of all, we have to understand the process of sublimation.

So what is sublimation transfer technology?

Sublimation heat transfer printing refers to printing thermal sublimation transfer ink on sublimation paper by printing, and then heating and pressing the printed paper with fabric or carrier, and the dye on the paper will vaporize and sublime. Transfer to fabric or carrier. (What you need to know here is that fabrics usually refer to polyester or high-polyester-containing fabrics, and cotton cannot be directly transferred by sublimation).

Because the fabric itself contains voids, the vaporized ink will adhere to the inside of the fabric. Because of this, it is almost impossible for the clothes by sublimation to be fade . Of course, if the quality of the product is too poor, it will still appear.

Speaking of cups, the surface of ordinary cups is generally smooth, and the vaporized ink cannot be directly attached to the cup. At this time, a medium is needed to allow the ink to adhere.This is what we usually call “sublimation coating”.

Of course, the sublimation ceramic mugs you want to print must hava a coating, which is a basic transfer condition. After that, the transfer method must be considered, and a suitable mug press machine or fixture should be selected according to the shape of the cup. I will not go into details.

heat printing machine

heat printing machine

What I mainly tell you today is the most important thing for beginners to know, that is the importance of coating to transfer printing, not only cups, puzzles, slate paintings, MDF boards, keychains, aluminum plates, The premise that these things can be transferred is to have a “sublimation coating”, so now you know that not any cup can be transferred, the premise of transfer printing is that the cup must have “sublimation coating”.

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