Ceramic mugs

What Kind of Mugs do you use for Sublimation?

sublimation mug

For customization of mugs, sublimation process is most popular and simple. It is favored by most people. Besides clothing, mugs are the most common items created by sublimation printing. But not all kind of mugs can be made by sublimation crafts.

If you want to customize a mug using sublimation process, firstly it must be a blank white mug. Because sublimation paper can be only used on white or light-colored items. It cannot transfer dark colored items. Then the mug must have the special polymer coating that will allows sublimation ink melt into the cup. So when you purchase the mugs, you need buy sublimation coated mugs not uncoated mugs.

Which type of mugs can be used for sublimation?

Now many mugs have sublimation coating like plain blank white mugs, colored ceramic mugs, glitter coffee mugs, sparkle mugs, magic mugs, glass beer mugs, aluminum water bottles and white sublimation tumblers and so on.

How to sublimate a personalized pattern on a mug?

 With sublimation coated mugs, you can just use sublimation paper and mug press machine to customize a coffee mug. You can just print your design on the sublimation paper by sublimation printer. Then stick the paper on the mug by heat resistant high temperature tape. For ceramic mug, you can set 180℃ and 45s to transfer it. Remember to adjust proper pressure before you put the mugs and medium pressure will be okay. After 45s time, the customization of mug will be finished. Then you can get a personalized sublimation mug! It is the same operation for sublimation of different types mugs. You can also use industrial oven to customize a lot of mugs at the same time.



Where to bulk buy sublimation mugs?

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