Ceramic mugs

How to clean a Sublimation Mug


Many customers will ask me whether the color of the sublimation mugs will fade, how to clean it, and why the color of the cup in the dishwasher will fade. To clarify this, we must know one thing firstly, that is your cup is hand-washed or machine wash?

1.Sublimation Mug for hand wash



It is to rinse the cup in water, and then wipe it with a sponge, so generally speaking, the color will not be washed off, because the printed cup color is not attached to the surface of the cup, but in the coating of the cup, so Just simple cleaning will not wipe the color off. Of course, if you use a hard object like steel wool to clean it, it is not clean the color, but the coating, which will damage the mug, so we generally recommend using a soft sponge for cleaning.

2. Sublimation Mug for Machine wash

Dishwasher is a relatively common cleaning machine. It can be said that it is very easy to put the sublimation coated mugs in for cleaning, but it does not mean that all sublimation cups can be put in for cleaning. First of all, there are several special cups that cannot be put in. The ones that go in, such as electroplate ceramic mugs and glitter mugs, are related to their production process.



The characteristics of white mugs determine that they cannot be machine washed. The quality of the coating determines whether they can be machine washed or it is best to keep as little as possible.

Take the familiar brand Orca as an example. The black label is the best quality. This quality cup can be washed in the dishwasher for many times without worrying that the coating will be washed off, and then the green and Blue, these two use the same quality coating, the difference between the two is not big, they can also be machine washed, but the number of washes will be less than black, and finally pink and red, they generally do not recommend machine wash , or as little machine wash as possible.

So based on the above information, I think you can already intuitively understand how to clean the sublimation cup, and what kind of cup is a good machine-washable cup.