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Where to buy the best heat press machine for clothes?

Auto-open Heat Press Machine With Slide-out Drawer

If you need to customized a unique polyester T-shirt, or other clothes, except need the transfer papers, sublimation ink, and the inkjet printer, the heat press machine is also an essential project in your sublimation printing process.

Mecolour heat press machine divided into different types, we have flat press machine, this machine is professional for shirt printing. This year, our best seller is Auto-open Heat Press Machine With Slide-out Drawer, Our customers speak highly of this equipment; Swing away heat press machine is another printing machine; Multifunction heat press machine, Mini iron press machine, it is used for DIY at home; Portable Mini Heat Press Machine and more other equipment.

Multifunction Heat Press Machine

Multifunction Heat Press Machine

Why Choose Mecolour Brand Heat Press Machine?

Mecolour heat press machine have the following characteristics:

1. The modelling of novel, fashion, high-grade, reasonable structure, easier operation.

2. The intelligent digital display temperature controller, temperature control accurate.

3. The unique way of pre – pressure adjustment, pressure to adjust, convenient and flexible.

4. Single table integrated automatic electronic timing, processes complete automatic alert tone.

5. Aluminum hot plate, electric heat pipe and plate body to pouring into an organic whole, even heating, durable.

About our heat press machines, you can check their detailed information in the corresponding pages or send E-mail to us.

We have been engaged in the sublimation blank transfer printing industry for more than 15 years. And we provide customers with one-stop service for all kinds of sublimation mugs, sublimation printing machines, and various consumables for tshirts.

heat press machine factory

heat press machine factory

If you are a local wholesaler or agent engaged in dye sublimation blanks, I think Mecolour heat press factory is your best choice. Contact us for factory price and free samples for your testing!