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How to make sublimation brighter on mugs

Sublimate on Mugs

The sublimated pattern on the mug is a decoration that can make the mug more exquisite and visually appealing. But if the sublimation on the mug isn’t bright enough, it won’t work as it should. So how do you make the sublimation on your mug brighter?

To make sublimation prints brighter on mugs, there are a few things you can do:

Choose high-quality sublimation mug

First of all, to make the sublimation on the mug brighter, you need to use high-quality materials. In general, using high-quality metal or glass materials can make the sublimation on the mug more beautiful. Secondly, during the production process, attention should be paid to technical details to ensure that the sublimation mug is fine, and high-quality paint should be used to ensure the quality of the sublimation.

Sublimation Mugs

Sublimation Mugs

Use high-quality sublimation inks

High-quality sublimation inks produce brighter and more vibrant colors than low-quality inks.

Adjust the color saturation

Make sure the colors in your design are vibrant and saturated before printing. You can do this by adjusting the color settings in your design software.

Increase the heat and pressure

Increasing the heat and pressure during the sublimation process can help to produce brighter colors. However, be careful not to apply too much heat or pressure as this can damage the mug.

Preheat the mug

Preheating the mug before sublimation can help to improve the transfer of ink onto the mug, resulting in brighter colors.

Use a mug press

Using a mug press instead of a regular heat press can help to ensure even heat distribution and better color transfer. If you are a beginner, you want to learn How to use a heat press to make mugs, I think this article will help you.

Transfer design by Mug Press

Transfer design by Mug Press

Choose a white or light-colored mug

Sublimation works best on white or light-colored mugs, because darker mugs can absorb some of the color, resulting in duller prints.

By following these tips, you can produce brighter and more vibrant sublimation prints on mugs.

Precautions for using the sublimation mug

In addition, when using the cup, you should also pay attention to maintenance. The cups are to be washed regularly to prevent contamination of the sublimation on the cup which can make the sublimation dull. Also, avoid acidic cleaners that can damage the sublimation on your cups.

Wash mug regularly

Wash mug regularly

Finally, check the sublimation on the mug regularly, find problems in time, and repair them in time to keep the sublimation mugs brighter.

In summary, to make the sublimation on the mug brighter, you need to use high-quality materials, pay attention to technical details, clean it regularly, avoid using acidic cleaners, check it regularly, repair it in time, etc. This is the only way to make the sublimation on the mug brighter and more visually appealing.

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