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Which machine is used for Tshirt printing?

Tshirt printing

We have to talk about this issue from different needs. First of all, we need to know the transfer paper you want to use for transfer printing, or sublimation paper, and secondly, whether you want to print in batches or just for personal DIY use. Let’s talk about it separately.

Heat press machine for personal DIY use

For personal DIY use, most customers use transfer paper, heat transfer vinyl, DTF printing, or sublimation paper for A4 printing.

What heat press machine do you need?

1). Mini iron heat press machine: If the customer is just a novice, or does not have much start-up capital, usually a small mini iron machine is enough, or you can use your own electric iron at home (but the temperature of the electric iron at home Not necessarily uniform), but this kind of machine can’t transfer dye-sublimation paper, because usually there are only three gears for temperature setting, the highest is only 190°C, and the transfer temperature of dye-sublimation paper must be at least 210°C , and the transfer area is too small to be suitable for A4 paper transfer.

Mini Iron Press Machine

Mini Iron Press Machine

2). Iron heat press machine 9”x9” (23.5×23.5cm): This is better than the above one because the machine can set the temperature, and the pressure of some models of the machine does not need to be pressed by hand, just put it It can be placed on the transfer paper, the size is larger, and some relatively large patterns can be transferred.

3). 9”x12” (23x30cm) heat press machine: this is a common miniature heat press machine, which can transfer A4 size transfer paper,HTV vinyl, DTF and sublimation paper, but generally because of its simple structure , and it will not have a drawer, nor will it be made to pop up automatically, so you need to be careful not to burn your hands when using it.

4). Auto-open Heat Press Machine With Slide-out Drawer 15”x15”/16”x20” (38×38, 40x50cm): usually these two sizes can be used for A4 or even A3 material transfer, and the machine will also vary due to different configurations The difference, the suggestion is that it is best to choose a machine with pull-out and automatic pop-up, which is convenient to use and safer.

You can watch this video about How To Use Mecolour Auto-open Heat Press Machine with Slide-out Drawer?

Heat press machine for bulk production in clothing industry

For the production of bulk clothing customization industry, this kind of large-scale dye-sublimation printer is usually used to transfer with a multi-station large-format heat press machine. Here are a few simple words:

1). Pneumatic double station heat press machine 40x50cm, 40x60cm, 70x80cm. Generally speaking, the most used of this type of machine is 40×60, because through the alternation of two stations, it can realize uninterrupted transfer printing. If the quantity is less than 1000 pieces, you can choose a semi-automatic machine. If the quantity is large, there is also a fully automatic machine.

Pneumatic double station heat press machine

Pneumatic double station heat press machine

2).Large-format pneumatic double-station heat press machine 80x100cm, 100x120cm, 120x150cm: this kind is to transfer the T-shirt pattern of the whole format, usually there are more ball suits, and the sublimation paper is used, except This machine can also be used to transfer aluminum sheets and other different sublimation products besides T-shirts.

Large-format pneumatic double-station heat press machine

Large-format pneumatic double-station heat press machine

3). Oil roll heat press machine : There are many sizes of this kind, so I won’t explain too much here. Simply put, the above machine cuts the paper first, and then prints pieces of cloth, but this kind of machine they are Use the whole roll of paper to print the whole roll of cloth, and finally cut the printed cloth into clothes.

4).If you want to transfer other dye sublimation materials not limited to T-shirts,Which Heat Press is the Best? I suggest that you can buy our multi-function press machine – 8 in 1 Heat Press Machine,We have two colors for you to choose.

8 in 1 Heat Press Machine

8 in 1 Heat Press Machine

Therefore, it is too simple to simply say which machine can be used for T-shirts. We need to choose a suitable machine according to different actual situations. If you don’t understand it well, you can ask the merchant who sold you the machine.

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