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Which Heat Press is the Best?

8 in 1 heat press

Nowadays, personal homemade DIY customization is becoming more and more popular. People often like to make a creative gift for their family, friends or lovers on holidays or birthdays. They often personalize some T-shirts, mugs, hats, plates, pens, etc. Heat transfer printing is one of the most popular methods. So it is very helpful to have a suitable heat press machine.

  There are many styles of heat press machines on the market. How to choose the right heat press machine with the highest cost performance? We recommend combination machines. Because everyone’s customization needs are diverse. In this way, buying one set machine can realize the transfer of multiple products.

  We would like to recommend our new red 8-in-1 combination heat press machine to everyone. The appearance of this machine is newly designed by us and it has a matte red texture. We use very good materials for the whole machine and the machine is very strong and durable. The eight accessories include a large heat press plate, a small 15*15cm heat press plate for logo printing, 10/11/12oz mug coasters with a separate cup holder, a hat heat press, an 8-inch plate mats, and a pen mats. For the heat press plate, the sizes we can provide are 29*38cm or 33*44cm but we recommend 33*44cm more because A3 size can be printed by it. The small heat press plate is 15*15cm used to print logo. The size of the mug coasters is based on the size used by most customers in the market. All heating plates are made of Teflon. The accessories we choose are based on the frequency of use of most customers. In this way, with one machine, customers can customize many different products and it is easy to replace the parts of the machine.

heat press machine factory

heat press machine factory

We, Mecolour is a manufacturer of heat transfer machines and sublimation blanks products in China. We have a lot of products. In addition to machines, we can also provide consumables such as papers and cups. We can provide you with one-stop service. The products are of good quality and the prices are wholesale prices. If you are interested, welcome to inquire!