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Can I Sublimate a 20oz Tumbler in a Mug Press?

sublimate tumblers with mug press

Nowadays, personalization is becoming more and more popular. In addition to customizing some T-shirts, hats, ceramic cups, etc., people especially like to customize metal straight tumblers, especially in the United States. The customization of 20oz straight sublimation tumblers are very popular.

There are many ways to customize the white sublimation tumblers. And today I will focus on introducing two ways. The first is the way to use a mug press machine. You need to choose a mug press of the right size, such as a 20 or 30oz cup heat press machine, and you cannot choose a size that is too small. You can choose our green 20/30oz tumbler press, which can not only print 15/20/30oz straight tumblers, but also can print 11/15oz sublimation white ceramic mugs. One set machine can print cups of different sizes. The second way is to use an oven, either a home or an industrial oven, but an industrial oven is more recommended. Heat shrinkable film is required. For oven and heat shrinkable film, we can also provide. The operation methods are similar: print the designed pattern on the sublimation paper, paste it on the tumblers with high temperature tape, put the cup into the machine directly for the mug press machine, set a certain temperature and time to complete the transfer. For the oven, you need to wrap a layer of heat shrinkable film, blow the heat shrinkable film on the cup with a heat gun to provide pressure, then put the cup into the oven, set a certain time and temperature to complete the transfer.

sublimation white ceramic mugs

sublimation white ceramic mugs

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