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Printing notes for sublimation transfer paper

sublimation paper printing

1. Printing environment humidity is preferably controlled to 45-65% RH.

If too dry, the sublimation transfer paper is curled. When the large amount of ink is printed, the paper absorbs water and stretches and wrinkles, which may cause the nozzle to rub;

If too humid, The drying speed is slow and the elongation at both ends of the sublimation paper is inconsistent, and printing deviation or paper wrinkling occurs.

The printing room is recommended to install air conditioning and dehumidification equipment to ensure a stable and stable printing environment.

2. To confirm the printing surface of the transfer paper, the printing surface of Mecolour sublimation transfer paper is facing outward.

When the print surface cannot be determined, you can apply the two sides of the transfer paper with your fingers and the water. The printing surface, the front of the product is facing the open side of the bag, and we have introduced a new loose-leaf product with a pink back.

3. When printing, do the test strips to ensure the smoothness of the ink, so that the pattern color is consistent and accurate, to avoid printing defects due to partial blockage of the nozzle.  

4. When printing large areas of light patterns, such as light color block patterns, 90-100 grams sublimation transfer paper should be selected, and the ideal ambient humidity is between 55-65% RH.

If you use 60-80 grams sublimation paper, please be careful, do not to let the transfer paper get wet first, and then control the humidity of the print room to about 50% RH.

5. In the case of printing while winding, According to the inkjet amount of the print pattern, turn on the built-in heater of the printer and set the appropriate temperature, or turn on the external air drying device to ensure that the back is not stained during the winding collecting process. In order to avoid the print pattern is flawed.

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