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How Do You Sublimate an 11oz Mug?

11 oz Ceramic Mug Printing

  In life, individualized DIY customization has become more and more popular by most people. In addition to clothes, hats, etc., sublimation mug customization is also very popular. People can customize personalized patterns or their own photos on the mug, as a creative gift for family, friends or lovers.

  This article will introduce how to personalize an 11oz sublimation white mug. Dye sublimation process is the most simple and easy to operate, and the effect is good. You can either use a cup machine or an oven to complete the transfer. The first is the mug press machine. You can print the designed pattern on the sublimation paper, paste the sublimation paper on the cup with high temperature tape, then put it into the mug press machine, set a certain temperature and time and remember to test the pressure of the machine before printing. The second is the oven. You can use a household or industrial oven. We recommend an industrial oven. The operation is similar: the designed pattern is printed on the sublimation paper and the paper is pasted on the cup with high temperature tape but it is different that it is necessary to use heat-shrinkable film. Wrap it on the cup and blow it with a heat gun to make the film wrap tightly on the cup to provide pressure then put it in the oven, set the time and temperature and the transfer can be completed. Both of these methods are relatively simple and popular.

11oz Sublimation White Mug Printing

11oz Sublimation White Mug Printing

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