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How is Mecolour sublimation transfer paper?

Sublimation paper sheet

Mecolour sublimation transfer paper is suitable for wide-format inkjet printers, such as ROLAND, Mimaki, Encad, MOUTH and desktop printer, such as EPSON 3000, 4000, 4000HS, 7600, 9600, 10600 and other inkjet printer.

Thermal transfer paper is a key technology product in the entire digital sublimation printing process.

Shanghai Mecolour is a China sublimation paper manufacturer, has mastered the production technology of digital thermal transfer products with independent intellectual property rights. The production process is advanced, the detection methods are perfect, and the product quality is reliable. With many years of R & D and production experience and a comprehensive quality assurance system, product quality is constantly catching up with the world advanced level, has gradually replaced the imported paper to become one of the preferred choice of domestic users.

4 points of sublimation transfer paper precautions for use:

1. The use of special dye sublimation transfer ink

Sublimation transfer inks must be used. The inks made with disperse dyes sublimate at the transfer temperature and stain with the substrate. The sublimation ink with good quality should not clog the nozzle, the color is fidelity and the stability is good.

2.Adjust the appropriate color concentration

Adjust the color concentration in the computer to avoid the situation where the ink is too dry and it is necessary to check the effect of thermal transfer after adjustment.

3.Adjust the appropriate hot-pressing temperature and time

Thermal transfer temperature range of about 180-230 °C, time is about 10-30 seconds. Before the formal batch transfer, a small test should be done to determine the best process parameters.

4. The hot press surface must be tightly adhered during thermal transfer

In the thermal transfer, the surface of the hot pressing surface, the sublimation paper, and the surface of the substrate must be tightly adhered to each other, and voids may not be present. Otherwise, the image blurring phenomenon may occur.

Sublimation paper roll

Sublimation paper roll

We supply both sublimation paper sheet(A3 and A4 is our regular size) and rolls for global customers and distributors or agents. If you have other questions about our sublimation paper products, please feel free to consult us.