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Sublimation Transfer Paper for Polyester T-Shirts

Sublimation Transfer Paper for Polyester T-Shirts

Sublimation transfer paper is a key component in the sublimation printing process for polyester T-shirts. This specialized paper allows for the transfer of vibrant and detailed designs onto the fabric using heat and pressure. If you’re interested in using sublimation transfer paper for your polyester T-shirt printing, here’s what you need to know:

Choose the Right Sublimation Transfer Paper

There are various types and brands of sublimation transfer paper available in the market. It’s important to select a high-quality paper that is specifically designed for sublimation printing on polyester fabrics. Look for papers that have a coating optimized for sublimation ink absorption and release. Mecolour is a good choice, a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production of sublimation products.

Consider the Weight and Size
Sublimation transfer paper comes in different weights and sizes to accommodate various printing needs. The weight of the paper refers to its thickness, with heavier weights providing more durability during handling and printing. Consider the size of your design and the T-shirt you will be printing on when selecting the appropriate paper size.

Print with Sublimation Ink
Sublimation transfer paper is used in conjunction with sublimation ink. These inks are specially formulated to transform from a solid to a gas when exposed to heat, allowing them to bond with the polyester fibers. Ensure that you are using sublimation ink that is compatible with your printer and the transfer paper you have chosen.

Print with Sublimation Ink

Print with Sublimation Ink

Printing notes for sublimation transfer paper

How to use sublimation paper on Polyester Tshirt?

Prepare Your Design
Before printing, prepare your design using graphic design software. Make sure the design is high-resolution and sized correctly for your T-shirt. If your design includes text or any elements that need to appear correctly when transferred onto the fabric, remember to mirror it horizontally.

Print and Dry
Load the sublimation transfer paper into your printer, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Be sure to print on the coated side of the paper. Adjust the printer settings according to the paper and ink specifications. After printing, allow the ink to dry completely before proceeding to the transfer process. This drying time ensures that the ink is properly set and prevents smudging during the transfer.

Heat Press Transfer
Preheat your heat press to the recommended temperature and time specified by the sublimation transfer paper manufacturer, typically around 375-410°F (190-210°C). Place a Teflon sheet or parchment paper on the heat press to protect both the transfer paper and the T-shirt. Position the printed transfer paper on the T-shirt, ensuring that the design is facing down onto the fabric. You can also use heat-resistant tape to secure the transfer paper in place. This step helps prevent any shifting during the heat transfer process, ensuring a crisp and accurate print. Apply even pressure and heat for the recommended time, usually around 35-40 seconds (for Mecolour sublimation paper).

Remove the sublimation paper
After the heat press cycle is complete, remove the sublimation paper.

How To Use Mecolour Sublimation Transfer Paper On Polyester Tshirt?

Post-Pressing (Optional)
To further enhance the durability and vibrancy of the print, you may consider post-pressing the T-shirt. This involves placing the T-shirt back on the heat press for a few seconds after removing the transfer paper. Post-pressing helps to set the ink and ensure a long-lasting result.

Washing and Care Instructions

Sublimation prints on polyester T-shirts are known for their durability and resistance to fading. However, it is important to follow the recommended washing and care instructions to maintain the quality of the print. Typically, this involves washing the T-shirt inside out in cold water, using a mild detergent, and avoiding harsh chemicals or bleach. Hang drying or using a low-heat setting when tumble drying is recommended.

By following these steps and using high-quality sublimation transfer paper, you can achieve professional-looking prints on polyester T-shirts. Enjoy the creative possibilities that sublimation printing offers for personalized and vibrant designs!

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