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What are the top selling sublimation blanks items?

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If you are asking what is the hottest sublimation blanks product selling now? According to market feedback, the hottest product in the US market is tumblers, but if you are asking about the most sold dye-sublimation products, then the sublimation white mug is undoubtedly the product with the largest base.

No matter in any market, if you want to start a dye-sublimation business, the easiest way to start is white cups. Whether you sell white cups or printed cups, white mugs can be said to be the key to your business. Of course, there will be a lot of competition for products with a larger base. As I said before, there are usually 3 grades of white cups on the market. According to different markets, although they are called AAA grades externally, they are actually It is divided into AAA, AA, and AB grades. The internal names of each sublimation mugs supplier are different, but in fact the grades are the same, so usually you can judge your cup grade according to the price, if the price is not too different, Basically your mugs are on that level, of course, there are some very cheap mugs that claim to be sublimation mugs, But the coating is not like that at all, what they use is just a protective layer, although it is also color can be transferred, but the actual transfer effect is completely different from that of sublimation coating. Of course, this depends on whether your sales market can accept this type of cup. If yes, then there is no problem. It’s just that we won’t sell this kind of cup, the grade of this kind of cup is too low for us, we won’t sell this kind of mug to customers.

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Then when the market opens, you can consider starting from a variety of colorful cups, and then to sublimation sports bottles, such as aluminum material and stainless steel material, to gradually expand new your products. If you are interested, you can check out our website or youtube, search for mecolour, you can find more related sublimation blanks products.