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How long to sublimate a mug in an oven

sublimate mugs in oven

In today’s blog, we will explain how long to sublimate a mug in an oven. If sublimation is your main technique for personalizing different items, then you’ll love this interesting topic. Regarding this question, first of all, I need to know the material of the blank sublimation mugs you want to bake.

Generally speaking, the baking time of sublimation ceramic mug must be longer than that of metal cups. In our oven, the recommended time for ceramic cups is 8~ 10 minutes, the temperature is 180~210°C, the higher the temperature, the time can be shortened appropriately, the baking time of the metal cup is about 6~8 minutes, of course, these are suggested times, according to the environment and climate change, adjust the most appropriate time is also very important.

sublimate Stainless Steel tumbler in oven

sublimate Stainless Steel tumbler in oven

Then let’s talk about the oven. Generally speaking, there are two types of ovens for transfer printing. One is the household oven commonly used in the family, which is used to bake things. Generally speaking, there is a temperature difference between up and down, so it is easy to burn one side of the cup, or one side is lighter in color and the other side is darker, so it is recommended to use a professional transfer oven, which usually has a blower device inside , the temperature can be evenly distributed throughout the oven, so that the upper and lower temperatures will not be too high, and the time can be controlled more accurately.

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