T-shirt printing

Inkjet heat transfer paper for dark cotton fabric

inkjet dark transfer paper for tshirt

Inkjet dark heat transfer paper is one of the digital printing accessories in Mecolour factory. Our factory have been produced the heat transfer paper for many years.

Shanghai Mecolour inkjet dark transfer paper, with special coating on original paper, work with inkjet printers, like Epson, can transfer photos and drawing onto dark cotton fabrics, textiles, garments and pillow etc. The image quality is perfectly vivid.

For size, we could provide A4(210*297mm, A3(297*420mm), also USA standard A4+ and A3+ are possible for you.

How to use Mecolour inkjet dark heat transfer paper?

Show you operation details below:

Before we transfer to materials, choose a colorful photo that you want transfer, printing on inkjet printer with pigments ink, because pigments inks is more stable than water-based inks, easy to keep drawing long time, when we get printed transfer paper, cut the spare parts off, that wasn’t printed on paper, most important step is to peel printing face away from origin paper, we just need this transfer film. Of course,our heat transfer paper can be printed with pigment and dye-based inks.

For transfer temperature and time on press machine, advise set as 165 degrees and 15 seconds, the results is from our many tests but not standard, you could adjust them according to different situations.

During transferring, press fabrics alone first to make it better and flat to work with transfer paper together, avoid to get low transfer rate. When temperature is up, put the back of transfer film on dark fabric, then cover a oil paper to transfer, after 15 seconds, take oil paper away and get nice fabric with color drawing.

transferring t-shirt

transferring t-shirt

The technology of our inkjet heat transfer paper is fairly mature , and the sales is also good, the price has been down a lot after times development . you may get a quotation through the mail below .

For the inkjet heat transfer paper, we provide inkjet light and dark paper for cotton fabric.More information, please view our website Mecolour. Or send us E-mail to inquire about the products you need.

Looking forwards to your cooperation!