Those who do sublimation printing company apprehend that the applications of a flat heat press machine is proscribed. If you wish to print one thing in massive format, you’d higher select a roller heat press machine.

Our roller heat press machine area unit created in China, and have nice quality. Here area unit some data regarding it.


Can refer to the attached instructions


1. It use oil cycle heated system , can prevent from explosion , Heighten oil tank, fill 100% oil,...


The article will show How to adjust the rotate speed of Mecolour Tunnel Oven 

Before using the Mecolour Tunnel Oven, you need to set the required temperature and speed. Normally, the temperature is set at 200℃and the speed is set to walk a around about 8 minutes, and generally speaking, Mecolour Tunnel Oven can finish 160 piece mugs’ transferring one hour.

In the market, our Mecolour Tunnel Oven is more and more popular, but about how to adjust its rotate speed ? There are very few people get it r...


What is ribbon? This is a narrow or tubular fabric made from a variety of yarns.

The raw materials used for ribbon weaving include polyamide, vinylon, polyester, polypropylene, spandex, viscose, etc., forming three kinds of technology of weaving, knitting, knitting, fabric structure has plain, twill, satin, jacquard, double layer, multi-layer, tubular and joint organization.

And how many printing methods for ribbon? Next let’s to see together .

1.Heat Transfer Printing

Heat transfer printing process...


Con la amplia aplicación de la impresión por sublimación por transferencia de calor, recientemente desarrollamos un nuevo tipo de máquina: Mecolour Lanyard Ribbon Calender Heat Press Machine. Esta es una máquina de impresión multifuncional que se puede aplicar para la impresión de cinta, corte y enrollado de ropa. Además, es una nueva generación de máquinas de transferencia de calor por sublimación de rodillos, investigada y desarrollada por nuestro senior con tres ubicaciones, posicionamiento p...


With the wide application of sublimation heat transfer printing, recently we developed a new type machine: Mecolour Lanyard Ribbon Calendar Heat Press Machine. This is a multi-functional printing machine that can be applied for ribbon printing, cutting and cloth rolling. Moreover,it is a new generation of roller sublimation heat transfer machine researched and developed by our senior with tri-location, accurate positioning,and prints with a couple of ribbons simultaneously in whole roll, thus to...


1.The temperature rise and decrease speed is faster than the normal heat transfer machine;

2.The body is light in weight, and made of fire-resistant and pressure-resistant plastic material. The two-hand support is easy to force, the operation is simple, and the LED display can clearly see the temperature time change;

3.The temperature and pressure can meet the needs of Heat Transfer Paper, Sublimation Transfer Paper and Heat Transfer Vinyl.

4. Nice loo, and later will adjust the color of the machin...


In order to help printers better manage colour when printing on sublimation paper.Aimed at our Sublimation paper,Sublimation ink and Mecolour brand sublimation printer.Our company has developed a number of downloadable ICC profiles and matching gradation curves on a selection.

The result aims at helping printers to:

achieve optimized colour rendering on each paper
save time on machine for test sheets
limit set off issues by defining the right inking
For each paper several different files are provi...


As is known to all, the sublimation glass photo frame Is to put your digital photos inside the glass, it is one of the most popular boutique, is our latest research and development of new products, can completely replace the crystal imaging products, is the symbol of elegant eternal, is used to record the best moment in life.

 With the continuous improvement of people aesthetic temperament and interest and taste, making a unique glass photo frame is very important. There are many shapes of them,...

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