How to adjust the rotate speed of Mecolour Tunnel Oven ?

The article will show How to adjust the rotate speed of Mecolour Tunnel Oven

Before using the Mecolour Tunnel Oven, you need to set the required temperature and speed. Normally, the temperature is set at 200℃and the speed is set to walk a around about 8 minutes, and generally speaking, Mecolour Tunnel Oven can finish 160 piece mugs’ transferring one hour.

In the market, our Mecolour Tunnel Oven is more and more popular, but about how to adjust its rotate speed ? There are very few people get it right, next let’s to make clear together.

Mecolour Tunnel Oven total with 1 ~ 7 gears, adjust the speed of 1 ~ 5 gear, conveyor belt basic remain motionless, only began to adjust 6 gear, conveyor belt just can have action, so to adjust speed is to start from 6 gear, manually and then observe the glass into the oven time, control in round out to 8 minutes to 10 minutes.

And another point here: The rotating speed of a single cup is different from batch printing, because when the machine is full of cups, the running speed of machine will be slowed down. The more cups there are, the slower the conveyor belt will turn. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the speed of the conveyor belt.

The following we take how to adjust the rotate speed when Mecolour Tunnel Oven is full of cups for example: First, without heating the machine, put 21 piece useless cups on the conveyor belt, and timing begins, to see how long it would take for them to be fully put in and then delivered to the other end, the time was controlled at about 8 minutes .

To keep the speed up, placing cups on the conveyor belt constantly. Wait until the speed is stable, then put the prepared cups on the conveyor belt and start the normal transfer, this process can also be completed during preheating. Because the preheating of the machine: 380V takes about 10 minutes, 220V takes about 20~30 minutes, so this time is just right for you to adjust the speed of machine.

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