ICC(International Color Consortum)

In order to help printers better manage colour when printing on sublimation paper.Aimed at our Sublimation paper,Sublimation ink and Mecolour brand sublimation printer.Our company has developed a number of downloadable ICC profiles and matching gradation curves on a selection.

The result aims at helping printers to:

achieve optimized colour rendering on each paper save time on machine for test sheets limit set off issues by defining the right inking For each paper several different files are provided:

ICC profile: to be entered into the printer’s RIP Gradation curve (TVI file): to create the right plates Controlling dot gain according to the covering percentage of the screening for each colour Calculation of compensation to reach the targets Integrate gradation curves directly into the RIP Initial Lab target (Optical Density and Lab target): optical density measured at wet state just after printing and Lab data to control the inking level and reach the target after ink setting The data provided can be used as a starting point for proper colour management. However, they are to be used as a guide only and cannot be taken as a guarantee of the final print result. They require adaptation and control from the printer according to the specificities of each press, ink used and printing conditions.



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