Special gift-sublimation glass photo frame

As is known to all, the sublimation glass photo frame Is to put your digital photos inside the glass, it is one of the most popular boutique, is our latest research and development of new products, can completely replace the crystal imaging products, is the symbol of elegant eternal, is used to record the best moment in life.

With the continuous improvement of people aesthetic temperament and interest and taste, making a unique glass photo frame is very important. There are many shapes of them, such as round glass photo frame, square glass photo frame and stereo glass photo frame.

Its characteristics are as follows: image clear and transparent, can double appreciation, cold light, the brush the edges and bright, stable images do not fade, at home or the office reveal master elegant taste, is the perfect unification of art and souvenirs.

How It works:

Step 1: Get image from digital camera,memory card or scanner.

Step 2: Print image with heat-transfered paper and sublimation ink by

Step 3: Use the dual-core heat press to heat the Rock with image paper.

Step 4: Tear off the image paper on the glass and cool some time. A special gift will appeared in front of you.

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