Mecolour Brand Plate Press Machine

Shanghai Mecolour owned the Plate Press Machine—is the most fashionable and practical Heat Transfer Machine on the market! It is the perfect combination of both attractive appearance and high practicality.

Mecolour brand Plate Press features a wide selection of making customized gifts or souvenirs for every worth-to-remember event such as birthday, education graduation, marvelous marriage and awarding occasions and so on. By using our Mecolour Plate Press Machine, which was tested back-and-forth and successfully built on the heat sublimation ideology, one could make all kinds of photo plates as gifts or souvenirs by his own.

Before using the machine, please make sure that you have read the manual carefully and known clear the ultimate theory of the photo press is heat sublimation and infiltration and therefore transfer from the colorful image paper to the plates being heated.

To decorate a plate, the sublimation transfer is placed in direct contact with the plate which has been coated with a polymeric coating. Typically, a device, such as a cuff, is used to press the sublimation transfer against the plate. The plate is then heated to a temperature at least as high as sublimation temperature of the dyes constituting the image to be printed. This process causes vaporization of the dyes constituting the image and their immediate absorption into the polymeric coating on the plate, thereby resulting in the image being transferred from the sublimation transfer to the plate.

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