Mecolour tunnel ovens for mass production mugs

Tunnel Ovens are commonly used in bakeries ranging from small to large ones, to produce hearth and pan products. Tunnel Ovens come across different types based on heating mechanism, which could be direct gas, forced convection, radiant or hybrid meaning a combination of these.

But now the Tunnel Ovens also apply for the heat transfer printing industry. Tunnel Oven is a prefect solution for mass production.its big volume can print more mugs at a time.With MECOLOUR Tunnel Oven, you can print following products:mugs, bottles of many sizes and irregular shapes on ceramic and metal items. Different sizes shrink sleeve are needed

Our MECOLOUR tunnel oven can roast 11oz cup 6 rows at a time, with 3 in per row.

How to use tunnel oven to transfer mugs?

1. Turn on the power switch after switching on the 380V socket (the machine must be grounded when working)

2. The conveying speed is set, the transmission button is opened, and the conveying speed is set by the control knob. It takes about seven minutes.

3. Temperature setting, open the heating button, press the function key (+) or function key (-) value is adjusted for the required Numbers (200 degrees c), under the moderate temperature according to the need to set the temperature of different parameters. Open the hot air button.

4. Attach the printed hot sublimation paper to the cup and clamp it with a high temperature rubber pad (remember to wrap the paper completely to prevent the heating time from the paper coking to affect the overall beauty of the cup).

5. Place the cup on the conveyor belt, 6 rows at a time, 3 in each row, and ensure that someone in the tail of the machine will bring down the printed cup in time.

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