Round screen printing machine

With the support from our meticulous workforce, we are introducing an extensive array of quality assured Round Screen Printing Machine.We are actively engaged in offering the high-quality assortment of Round Screen Printing Machine. Round screen printing machines are made of cutting-edge technology and can print round objects such as jars, pens, bottles and buckets accompanied by easy installation and maintenance. Furthermore, these are highly efficient and have robust construction and provide optimum performance.

For our MECOLOUR Round Screen Printing Machine, more details you can check here.

The machine parameters:

Maximum Printing Area(LxW): φ70x180mm

Running Speed: 36 pcs/minute

Pressure Requirement: 5bar

Power Requirement: 220V/50Hz,50w

Machine Dimension(LxWxH): 96x72x132cm

Packing Dimension(LxWxH):97x76x140cm

Weight: 135kg

The Features:

  1. When the machine connect the power, the circuit diagram will measure by itself, you can start the machine 3 seconds later.

  2. When the machine stop, you can choose “adjust”,”semi-automatic”,”automatic” for your alternative choice.

  3. When the panel show” adjust”, press the key of “up/down” choose up or down you like.

  4. When the panel show ”adjust”, press key of “left/right” to choose the side you like.

  5. When the panel show” semi-aunomatic, press ”start” or step on the foot button can finish a cycle ”,press“stop left/stop right button, so when it stop left, it will stop on the left hand side after the semi-automatic finish, which means the ink is covered after printing, while the ink is not covered after printing if stop right hand side.

  6. When it work by “semi-automatic”, and the printing products are not put appropriately when is lifting, stamp the foot button can stop the machine, and the working table will return to the lower part and wait to restart. This function can prevent the print from damage or crack of screen plate.

  7. When the panel show ”automatic”, press ”start/stop” or stamp foot button to start or stop the machine. When the machine operate by Automatic, press “Speed” to adjust the speed from 0 to 9 gears.

  8. When the machine operate by Automatic, press “reset” can reset the machine

  9. Ventilator, expired: The special switch for inspection machine. When switch on Ventilatory, disconnect the power,you can move the screen plate or squeegee by hand. Usually when switch on ventilatory in the special mode, lift the working table and use Ventilator, expired before printing adjustment.

  10. Scraping pressure: The numerial number the needle show is the scraping pressure value.

  11. Scraping pressure adjustment: Adjust the scraping pressure by rotate the button, the pressure will be increased when rotate to right side while it will be decreased when rotate to left side.

  12. Left: Adjust the moving speed of screen plate. When rotate to left side, the speed screen plate move to left side will accelerate, while it will slower when rotate to the right side.

  13. Right: Adjust the moving speed of screen plate. When rotate to eight side, the speed screen plate move to right side will accelerate, while it will slower when rotate to the left side.

  14. Up: Switch on this button, lift up the printing scraper can install or take off the screen frame.

  15. Down:Switch on this button, move the printing scraper down to get in the printing condition.

  16. Hand push type gas source switch:Install on the inlet of air filter.

  17. Power switch:The switch connect the machine to the power supply or power.

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