Mecolour sublimation coffee mugs

If one day, you will come up with an idea: find a warm afternoon with a cup of afternoon tea time, coffee special aroma to enrich our lives. If you are mean, feel free to join us! We have the most stylish, most innovative sublimation coffee mugs, allows you to have a unique coffee experience, a cup from the encounter.

Our sublimation coffee mugs are based on theory of sublimation transfer printing, you can customize any style you want, such as: text, images, and so on. It belongs to the ceramic product, formed by the famous high white clay to make than ordinary coffee cups, its quality is superior. In addition, it also comes with an elegant spoon and a small round tray, you can imagine, on a quiet afternoon, sitting in a quiet corner, carrying them to taste the coffee, it is a wonderful mood.

The other hand, our sublimation coffee mugs packages have a variety of options, such as: Coffee Brown boxes the same color, colorful gift box, easy clean white boxes and trays, you can put forward your requirements, as long as it is within our power, can be of service to you.

Echocardiography as action, get a move on! Has a fine set of kitchenware, will let you get a good feeling. Sublimation coffee mugs, you deserve it!

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