All alternatives to print cups

In the field of personalized gifts, the printed mug is the flagship product among customers. Its popularity is because it is an economical, convenient and exclusive gift. It is a present appreciated by recipients of any age:

for children, can be decorated with children's pictures

adolescents, incorporating images of their musical idols or favorite actors

adults, with some endearing family photograph

The technique used to decorate the cups is the Sublimation is a very simple process consisting of:

Print the image / design from the computer, using an inkjet printer, paper and ink sublimation sublimation.

Transfer the image from the paper cup by applying heat transfer plate.

Printer, paper and inks used to decorate cups are the same that are used to decorate any other product of sublimation. The peculiarity of the cups is that we want to decorate the surface is not flat, and requires the use of a specific iron for cups . There are several alternatives depending on the type of iron used:

Simple cup press machine

Plates for cup is the first option that we considered at an early stage, it is an plate which only serves to sublimate cups and allows you to print a single cup at a time. It is wise to choose a model that offers the possibility of changing the resistance to printing various types of cups of different sizes.

multiple cup press machine, serial or block

It is an expanded version of the previous model , which allows several cups at the same time. Some of them are modular, allowing perfectly control the quantity we need at all times, but others are block and all must be on or off.

Combo plate with accessory cups

This is a highly recommended for business starting option and do not yet know which product to be marketed more successfully. This type of plates provides flexibility that allows printing cups, plates, caps and flat objects. The combo usually include resistance to various types and / or cup sizes.

In any of these three types of plates you need to set the time, temperature and pressure suitable depending on the type of coffee you're decorating.

Oven for cups

It is the choice for business where selling cups is well established, with important daily sales exceeding 100 units per day. The reason is simple and obvious: otherwise not worth the investment and the cost of starting the machine. But there is another powerful reason: allows printing formats that can not be done in any other type of plate, since there is a wide range of clamps for almost any format. The oven can decorate cups to 20 cups at a time.

In the oven just you need to set the time and temperature, because the pressure is guaranteed by the clamps that hold the printed paper on the surface of the cup.

3D oven

There are different models of 3D oven , allowing you to sublimate cups and other items not flat. Depending on the furnace model can sublimate cups clamp or silicone mold.

If you are already decorating cups, what type of plate for cups you use?

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