Why you need a professional transfer plate and not a household iron?

Many of the customization techniques we offer in Mecolour require the use of a transfer plate sometime in the application process. When an object or garment printing, it is necessary to apply heat to transfer from occurring or to cure the inks.

Initially you might think about using a household iron, but it is important to understand why a household iron may not perform the same function as a transfer plate professional . In this post we analyze why it is imperative to use a professional transfer plate.

Regardless of the technique of customization you're using ( sublimation , transfer paper , design Transfer screen , textile vinyl , rhinestones , direct digital printing , screen printing , etc.), the application instructions of the manufacturer you will indicate how you board the article. These instructions generally observe 3 parameters adjustment transfer plate : temperature, time and pressure .

Iron heat must the temperature indicated and board article at this temperature.

Ironing should take place over a given time interval in seconds , which also must be strictly enforced.

Ironing should be performed at the pressure indicated. Generally this value is indicated as low, medium or high pressure or a value of 0-6 kg.

What do you get with a professional transfer plate?

Uniform temperature across the printing surface: The thermal plate of the transfer plate maintains the same temperature programmed homogeneous and continuous mode. In a household iron may at the edges of the soleplate temperature is lower than in the center, and usually operate with a mechanism that switches the thermal function to maintain the selected temperature occurring small deviations from selected temperature.

Correct pressure on the entire surface printing, which ensures you a consistent result.

In the case of digital plates you can get adjust and control these variables easily.

What problems do you have if you use a household iron in customizing?

The size of the soleplate forces you to work in sections .

You can not control the pressure that should be pressing the plate manually.

Inconsistency in temperature because it is activated by sections.

If accidentally you press the function of steam would be detrimental to any personalization technique because you are interested in dry heat.

If you add the customization to your business it is important to use professional products because you get more professional and durable markings. For this you must strictly follow the manufacturer 's application instructions and use a professional transfer plate . You can not use a household iron . If you want to choose your transfer plate , wecome to choose mecolour transfer plate.we can offer 38x38cm,38x45cm,40x60cm,60x80cm for your choice.



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