MECOLOUR is a professional supplier of Sublimation Blank

Shanghai MECOLOUR Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional supplier of Sublimation Blank Consumables from China, and only focus on High Quality Product.

We mainly specializes in sublimation blanks, heat press machine, transfer paper and other Heat Transfer products, meanwhile, provides the professional productions and sales in Heat Transfer Gifts. We can provide customers with high quality and high efficiency work, even in pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale, we try our best to provide the best service. As follow we will make a brief introduction of our sublimation blanks, like the mugs, plates and etc.

Our sublimation mug divided into many types here, like the most regular one white mug, and the color change mug, the sparkling mug, the spoon color mug and etc; except the mugs, also have the plates, the rock slates, the photo frame, the MDF board and so on. Especially the sublimation mug, there are more and more people use it as a gift for the wedding, or as a present for friends, and as a water cup. All had a good feedback from the customers, and what is more, our all mug with our MECOLOUR Brand, it uniform price in the whole South America, If formally to be our agent, we will also give some agent support, such as Rebates, Payment Method and Advertising Support etc.

That’s all, more information you need please contact me freely or check our website as follow: /

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And we also have a distubitor in São Paulo, Brazil .

TEL: 55 11 4585-4222 Web:

And we also have a distubitor in São Paulo, Brazil .

TEL: 55 11 4585-4222 Web:

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