Considerations in the operation of heat press machine

As is well known, in sublimation printing market, the heat press machine is an essential part . The following are the considerations in the operation of heat press machine:

1. Keep the printing area clean and clean, and need to clean the electronic parts every six months

2. In order to avoid the ink and residue on the heating plate, it is necessary to use high temperature oilcloth pad on the top and bottom of the scald board before stamping

3. When the silicone pad begins to break, please replace the silicone pad with a wet cloth regularly to make various shapes and sizes

4. The adjustment of the screw shaft of the base of the stamping machine needs to be lubricated by high temperature lubricant

5. Please use the linings of the scald machine. Other cuttings are available, but the corresponding voltage is different, so you can't use the socket.

What is more, the core component of machine is the heating plate, so pay more attention when choosing a painting machine.

The upper and lower plate should be of aluminum, and the heat pipe shall be cast in the aluminum plate. If the upper plate is the aluminum plate grooved, then use the heating tube to stick to above, can cause unnecessary energy loss, use rise to have temperature rise slowly, constant temperature difference is big etc.

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