Why choose mecolour cup press machine?

The personalized mugs is one of the star products in the field of personalized gift. It is an economic durable, easy to customize and personalized time, the cup becomes the perfect detail for celebrations, promotions, special gifts, etc.

However choosing the suitable cups plate , it may seem a complicated decision. Mecolour cup press machine, which make it the best choice for the start in the sublimation cups.

Start a business personalized mugs requires minimal investment . You just need a printer inkjet A4 format equipped with inks and sublimation paper , and iron cups . The process is as simple as choosing a design and print it on sublimation paper and in a second step to transfer the design to the cup using the cup plate .

When a printer recommend for this use, without any doubt the Epson A4 printer equipped with sublimation inks is offered a better result.

What iron cups should I choose?

If you're starting you only have a single plate cup, but surely you've seen a wide range, and do not know which one to choose. Are you planning to save money by buying the iron? If you believe that any iron it because you only have to heat the surface of the cup, and you're tempted to buy the cheapest iron cups you find, you're mistaken . An iron for cups is a very simple device, but it should provide you with a minimal quality and flexibility .

In this image you can see the different image quality between two cups, the first of which has been sublimated plate with mecolour cup press machine and the second with a sheet of lower quality. See detailed text on the bottom of the cup! uniform distribution and perfect fit of this plate offers optimal results:

Our recommendation is to invest in an iron cups .

What are the advantages of this iron cups?

1.Iron digital that permits easy setting and controlling the temperature and time.

2.High quality resistors . All our strengths are quality A, the top of the market. Although they are of a rigid material provide maximum flexibility to adapt to the surface of the glass / cup / bottle and the shelflife of this resistance it is approximately 2000 uses, from 700 uses corresponding to a resistance quality C.

3.Uniform distribution of heat throughout the surface of the resistance due to the heat conducting wire is wide and dense.

4.The space where the resistance is installed is larger and can adapt to resistances larger conical cups or glasses of greater height. So with a single plate can offer a wide range of cups, glasses, bottles, etc.

Investing in an iron cups simple but reliable , you get offer sublimated cups with a maximum graphics quality . Your customers will be very satisfied and mark the difference with other products on the market. If you need any other advice, do not hesitate to contact our sales team .



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