How to make personalized sublimation mugs?

The personalized mugs are popular gift item. You can create a personalized sublimation mug designed especially for adults , children and even teenagers .The personalized mug is an article of gift suitable for all ages .

For personalization sublimation cup is a product easy to create and inexpensive . we will explain how to do it and we will present a proposal.

Sublimation is the technique of customization with greater growth in recent years, thanks to the development of digital photography. Any electronic device includes a camera. And all these photographic images can be transferred to a gift item.

The sublimation is a very simple process that develops in 3 phases :

1.Print the image with a printer inkjet , equipped with ink and paper special for sublimation.

2.Place the printed paper in contact with the surface of the cup. To facilitate attachment recommend using adhesive heat tape to paste the design area you want to decorate the cup. The sublimation cups will use special cups , including a polyester coating that allows sublimation.

3.Transferring the printed image by applying heat to the cup with a transfer sheet . You must properly adjust the variables of temperature, pressure and time to achieve the optimal image transfer. As a general recommendation, to make a cup you need to adjust your cup heat press machine 200 and 160 seconds. But we recommend you confirm this with your provider cups, and test your iron cups because the values that indicate you are approximate and performance of each plate may vary. In this last phase heat transfer, you can use different types of iron.

To show you how easy it is, we include this video where we show the whole process of sublimation a cup.

All beginnings are a bit confusing, and determine everything you need to start printing cups may find it complicated. For this reason, one we include proposal as a pack that includes everything you need to sublimate ceramics. This is the mosaic pack including a combo plate with accessories for cups, plates, caps and flat iron plate transfer any flat base. With this equipment you can print not only cups but other ceramic items (dish, tiles) and other sublimable items (bags, photo frames, etc.).

And if you have any question ,wecome to contact us.we can offer you the best quality sublimation paper and service.

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