1.3m  Single  4720 print head sublimation printer

1.3m Single 4720 print head sublimation printer

Mecolour 1.3m ink sublimation printer with an Epson 4720 printhead delivers 1,800 DPI print resolution, maximum print speed up to 20㎡ / h with a print width of 1.28M, capacity of recharging ink cartridges 220ml and 4 CMYK colors.

Item No. A150
Name 1.3m  Single  4720 print head sublimation printer  
Printing Speed/Mode 3Pass:20㎡/h
Print head  single 4720 print head
Print Width  1.28m
Media type All kinds of indoor and outdoor advertising materials,
such as photo paper,PP,Flex etc..
Computer configuration WIN 7 and above,64bits,CPU I5 processor and above,8G memory,
ASUS motherboard 3.0GHZ; Cdisk with SSD 150G,attached disk 1TB.
Heating system  Heating Fan 
Voltage AC220V 50HZ±10
Temperature/humidity Temperature:20-30℃ ,Humidity:50-65%
Power 2500W
RIP software  Maintop/Photoprint (optional) 
File format TIFF/JPG/EPS/PDF
Machine size 2300*750*1400mm 
Packing size(mm) 2500*840*760mm
Net weight(Kg)  172KG 
Gross weight(Kg) 254KG

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